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Zakka Club • Monthly Subscription

Zakka Club • Monthly Subscription

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Zakka is the word for small objects that bring joy, so each month you will receive a small postcard & sticker sheet in Japanese traditional themes to bring you a little burst of joy.

♥ 1 Moujuu Club Sticker Sheet
♥ 3 Trading Cards from each club
♥ Exclusive Access to behind the scenes
♥ Early Access to our new ideas & artwork
♥ Secret Shop Access (permanent discounts on almost all products, plus exclusive drops and products)

Small prints and sticker sheets are perfect for decorating journals, planners and letters to your friends! Build your own own mini-gallery of art prints and stickers!

Sometimes the zakka mail will be delayed as we try to send out at the same time as Pin Club packages so everyone get the same things at the same time. :) Zakka is sent in untracked letter mail.

To learn more about how our pin club works, please read the FAQ here.