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Production Updates

Did you pre-order something from our website or the pin club and want to know what's going on? You've come to the right place! Please see the below for updates on current shop items in production.

Recently Shipped Out
  • Flame of Love (April Pretty Winker)
  • Bathhouse Trainee (April Pretty Winker SG)
  • Kitsune Set (April Moujuu)
  • City Bento Yankee (May Pretty Winker)
  • Onigiri Girl (May Pretty Winker SG)
  • Snake (May Moujuu)
In-hand & Quality Check Stage
  • Fish Man (May Pretty Winker)
  • Onee-chan (June Pretty Winker SG)
  • Mousey Producer (June Pretty Winker)
  • City Dreamy Idol (June Pretty Winker)
  • Snake Stickers & Prints (May Moujuu)
  • Crane Pin & Stickers & Prints (June Moujuu)
  • Karajashi Pin & Print (July Moujuu)
  • Parol Restock
  • Ling Ling O (New Indigenous Filipinx design)
  • Lunar New Year Restocks
  • 6 Mo Pretty Winker Gift
Arriving Soon
  • Moonlight Defender Restock

In Production

  • Inu Hariko Restock
  • Bathhouse Attendees (July Pretty Winker SG)
  • Calculated Cat Girl (July Pretty Winker)
  • Tiny Time Traveler (July Pretty Winker)
  • Karajishi Stickers (July Moujuu)
  • Train Passenger (August Pretty Winker SG)
  • Oceanic Diner (August Pretty Winker)
  • Secret Keeper (August Pretty Winker)
  • Hou-ou Pin, Stickers, Print (August Moujuu)
  • Sky Princess (pre-order open soon)
  • Crafty Witch (September Pretty Winker SG)
  • Greedy Witch (September Pretty Winker SG)
  • Lady Killer (September Pretty Winker)
  • Space Bird (September Pretty Winker)
  • Shiba Inu (September Moujuu)
  • Daruma (September Moujuu)
  • Inu Stickers & Print (September Moujuu
  • 6 Mo Pretty Winker SG Gift
  • 6 Mo Moujuu Gift