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Production Updates

Did you pre-order something from our website or the pin club and want to know what's going on? You've come to the right place! Please see the below for updates on current shop items in production.

Most Recently Shipped Out
  • Tora Pin (October Moujuu)
  • Momonga (November Moujuu)
  • Dragonfish Pin (December Moujuu)
  • Time Keeper Casual (November Pretty Winker)
  • Assistant Nanny (November Pretty Winker)
  • Wind Guardian (November Pretty Winker SG)
  • Perfect Date (December Pretty Winker)
  • Idol Chaser (December Pretty Winker)
  • Wild Wolf Girl (December Pretty Winker)
Next Shipment (In Hand/QC/Packing Stage)
  • Karajishi Stickers (July Moujuu)
  • Hou-ou Stickers, Print (August Moujuu)
  • Tora Stickers & Print (October Moujuu)
  • Cherry Blossom Cutie Moon (January Pretty Winker)
  • Red Head Baddy (January Pretty Winker)
  • Supreme Champion (Feb Pretty Winker)
  • 12 Pretty Winker SG Gift
  • Hopeful Warrior (January Pretty Winker SG)
  • Poisonous Plant Mom (Feb Pretty Winker)
  • Irontown Protector (Feb Pretty Winker SG)
  • Gashadokuro Pin (Yokai Club)
  • Nue Pin (Yokai Club)
  • Tengu Pin (Yokai Club)
Arriving Soon
  • Helpful Hatter Pin (March Pretty Winker SG)

In Production

  • Inu Stickers & Print (Oct Moujuu)
  • Momonga Stickers & Print (Nov Moujuu)
  • Dragonfish Stickers & Print (Dec Moujuu)
  • 12 Mo 2023 Moujuu Gift
  • 12 Mo 2023 Pretty Winker Gift
  • 3 Mo 2024 Pretty Winker Gift
  • 3 Mo 2024 Pretty Winker SG Gift
  • 3 Mo 2024 Yokai Gift
  • Tsuchigumo Pin, Stickers & Print (April Yokai Club)
  • Chochin Pin, Stickers & Print (May Yokai Club)
  • Hitotsume Kozo (June Yokai Club)
  • Prodigal Wizard Pin (April Pretty Winker SG)
  • Wasteful Witch Pin (May Pretty Winker SG)
  • Wizard's Assistant (June Pretty Winker SG)
  • Arcade Cutie (March Pretty Winker)
  • Super Trainee Guardian (April Pretty Winker)
  • Cerulean Sister Pin (April Pretty Winker)
  • Crimson Sister Pin (May Pretty Winker)
  • Mysterious Knight (May Pretty Winker)
  • Moon Queen Supreme V2 (June Pretty Winker)
  • Heavy Metal Chouchou (June Pretty Winker)