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Production Updates

Did you pre-order something from our website or the pin club and want to know what's going on? You've come to the right place! Please see the below for updates on current shop items in production.

Arriving Soon

Silver Moon Savior
Resentful Regent
Froggy Dango
Bunny Dango
Ghost Dango
Kintaro "Fat Baby"
Ume to Mejiro Restock (Original and "Chuntaro" variant)
Warm Sunrise & Classic Pink Lotus variants
Kiku (Chrysanthemum) Designs 1 & 2
Crimson Light
Illusion Master

Pins in Production

Princess Mercury
Oni Restock
Konpeito Restock
Kaeru Restock
Emerald Light
Sassy Soldier
Violet Light
Astrological Socialite
Zodiac Collection