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Production Updates

Did you pre-order something from our website or the pin club and want to know what's going on? You've come to the right place! Please see the below for updates on current shop items in production.

Wicked Brat
The pins arrived to us in mid-July, but somehow the manufacturer made the mold wrong for every single pin. The pins were absolutely beautiful, but they placed a pearl from her strand of pearls randomly on her chest during their mold-cutting phase. The rep has agreed to remake them, of course, so they're currently being remade.

As of 12/1, our manu rep admitted that the pins were made incorrectly a second time as the machine shop used the wrong molds again. They've assured us they will be made correctly with new molds for a third attempt to get her right.

Mistress of Darkness

Although production was completed by our manufacturer in late August/Early September, unfortunately, before it could be sent out, our rep realized that the mold team messed up and completely left off her nose and mouth. They tried to fix it by screen printing it, but we refused to accept those for Patrons as it wouldn't properly match all the other pins we've made. Remakes are currently in production, photo is from 11/24. As of 1/6, she is complete and on her way to us.


Mau Meow Kitty Guardian

Arrived on 12/1. Most pins were made with wrong colors in background and hair. Many pin club members who opted to receive light color background or dark color with light color hair have already received them. Extras in secret shop are of these "wrong color variants." If you had opted for the in-hand dark variant but didn't receive it, it is because we didn't have enough Collector grades and you will receive a collector grade of the corrected dark variant when restock comes in. :)

Protector of Dreams

As of 10/25 this handsome boi is still in the production, with molds finished, and translucent areas being protected from paint over-spill.
No photos were sent by the manu, but as of 1/6, he is complete and on his way to us


Idol Guardian

As of 1/6, she is complete and on her way to us

Circus Swingin' Sweetie

Photo from 11/30. As of 1/6, she is complete and on her way to us

Student Guardian & Mischievous Juggler

Photo from 11/30. As of 1/6, she is complete and on her way to us.

Dancing Tanuki
Photo from 11/30. As of 1/6, it is complete and on its way to us