Japanese Culture October Pin Club Theme: Hanabi


What are your grading standards?
We grade in three standards: Collector, Jacket-Ready (or Standard), and B-Grade (or Seconds).

Truly, works of art, these are nearly perfect pins, and for someone who wants to be able to admire these on their favorite pin boards. These are also good for those who enjoy pin trading. Very minor flaws may include:
- Light scuffing on metal surface (caused by manufacturers' polishing)
- Slightly lower fill levels in unimportant areas

Jacket-Ready (Standard)
Perfect for rotating between your board collection and jacket or ita bag! If you're someone who loves to wear a pin, even at the risk of minor scratches, then this is the pin for you! Our personal favorite pins to collect, these pins are almost to Collector standards, but with slightly more noticeable flaws, though usually only noticeable upon close examination, and often at a certain angle or lighting. We try to keep the flaw to a minimum of 1 to qualify as a Jacket-Ready grade. Minor flaws may include:
- Surface scratches on metal or enamel
- Lower fills in enamel
- Slight oxidization or rough edge of metal
- Slight screenprint errors (maybe slight misalignment)

B-Grades (Seconds)
For the budget collector who wants some pretty things in their collection, but doesn't mind some flaws. These are also quite wearable, and often traded between pin makers. We try to select the least flawed pins when shipping these out, but flaws may include two or three of the following:
- Enamel paint bleeding over to another area
- Small paint drops in the wrong area
- More noticeable scratches or scuffs
- Rough edges of metal on sides or back
- More oxidized metal
- Lower enamel fills
- Missing Enamel
- Small air bubbles in the fill
- More obvious screenprint errors

Where are you located?
We are a newly married international couple from Japan and US. We relocated from Tokyo, Japan, in 2019 to Bellingham, WA in the USA!

How long will it take to receive my order?
If the item is in stock, it will most likely take about 2-5 days within the US. We ship via USPS First Class Mail.

For international orders, please expect about 5-15 business days to reach you depending where you are located. Your package will be shipped via USPS. We ship daily, except Sundays since the post office is closed.

If the item is a pre-order item, it will likely take about 1-2 months. From the date we place our order with the manufacturer, it takes about 2-4 weeks for them to produce a finished product of the pin, depending if there are no issues with the pin. If there are issues, we are quite insistent they get fixed as we want to present the best quality pin for our customers as possible. Once the pin has been approved by us, it takes about 2-3 days to arrive to us. Then we spend about a day grading the pins and packaging the pre-orders before shipping to you!

I still haven't received my package!
Due to 2020's Covid-19 pandemic, nearly all mail services in the world have been delayed or suspended at one point or another.

During normal mail service, in most instances, it will arrive within 2-5 business days domestic, 5-15 business days internationally, but it could take longer due to holidays, customs or local postal problems, depending on what country you reside in. Please understand those things are out of our control and once the postal service has accepted our package (you can always check your tracking information), it is up to the postal service to deliver your package.

If you have not received your order within 15-30 business days from your ship date, please first get in touch with your local post office and ask them if they are holding onto your package, possibly due to inability to deliver (full mailbox, no one home to receive the package, etc). If the package is lost, please understand that is not our fault. This is why we encourage you to pay for insurance which we offer as an add-on for all orders. This protects both your order and allows us to replace your order without a loss to our business.

My order arrived damaged.

If your product(s) arrive damaged, please feel free to be in touch with us and we will fix the situation as best as we can. We do require photos of the damage within 15 days of you receiving your package. We will gladly offer an exchange, when the damaged product has been returned to us. Cost of return shipment is to be covered by customer. If the product is sold out, we will be unable to replace it unless we are restocking the item, to which we will find another solution.

Do you sell wholesale?
Yes, please contact us at ShishidoCreative@gmail.com to inquire about our wholesale prices. Things to consider are whether you want exclusive designs from us or some of our more popular ones.

Can I commission a custom design for pins, patches, prints, etc.. from you?
We love doing commissions! We are both client-based professionals in the graphic design and tattooing industries, so this is right up our alley. We would love to talk about details with you for whatever project you want done, and are always happy to work within your budget.