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About Us

Shishido Creative is made up of Mandy + Taka, two passionate creators that love to create timelessly beautiful art and fashion accessories. We met in Tokyo, Japan in 2017 and have since gone through such a wild ride all in the name of love. After a whirlwind adventure of romance and hardships, going back and forth between the beautiful Pacific Northwest and Japan, and parts of southeast Asia, we finally have settled down in Seattle, WA.

Raised in the Northwest, Mandy is for lack of a better term, a non-stop hustler. While Shishido Creative is her main gig where she acts as designer, illustrator, social media manager, photographer, quality control and inventory manager, website builder, order fulfillment, customer service and basically 90% of the brand, you can bet she also keeps busy as a housewife assisting Taka in his tattoo business and the wonderful woes of being an immigrant in the US. Outside of all that job and a half, she is always dreaming up ways to take up new hobbies that will probably become side hustles as well. She loves bunnies, Japanese culture, ramen, boba, consuming as much ukiyo e, art nouveau and lowbrow art as she can, and denying she has a pin addiction.

Hailing from Japan, Taka is a tebori artist (Japanese traditional tattoo artist) by trade with a background in graphic design. His eclectic interests include working out, Visual Kei, street fashion, collecting shoes and sunglasses, listening to Japanese hip hop, pretty bad early 2000s American rock/nu-metal, slasher films, ukiyo-e art, kimono patterns, traditional Japanese tattoos, fluffy cats + wicked rats, karaoke, and riding motorcycles. He hates social media, big crowds and being hugged by Mandy's friends.

Together they are basically vampires who are up til dawn toiling away all night on designs you'll love and sleeping in til late afternoon.