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Pin Club FAQ

Pin Club FAQ


♥ I'm in the Pretty Winkers #1, Docchimo #1 or Mugen Club Tier. How do you know which design I want?

Each month we will create a Google form survey for you to fill out and pick your pin choice. If you do not fill this form out, we will have a default design that is sent out, so please be sure to fill out your form so we know which design you want. If you decide to later bump up to a higher tier, but already filled out the survey, don't worry, we will know you wanted both pins, so no need to message us about that change.

♥ Will you announce the next month’s design before the end of each month so I can decide to stay or not?

We'll show you the next month's design 1-3 days before the end of the month via newsletter/blog posts. You can expect to see a public Instagram post after the 1st. We don't want to reveal the next designs too soon as late subscribers could get confused if they're going to be receiving the current month or following month's designs. This gives you the option of whether you want to stick around for the next month's designs or not. We certainly don't want you to get a pin you're not into, however, if you do drop out of the club and you have accrued any loyalty gifts, should you decide to rejoin later on, you'll be starting back at month 1 towards earning those loyalty gifts.



♥ When Will I Receive My Tier Rewards?

The pin club is sort of like a set pre-order system for those of you who want to collect a lot of designs and get extra perks like combined shipping, loyalty gifts, etc. Manufacturing takes about 1-3 months to complete designs, so expect to wait about 2-3 months from each month's charge. For example, if you signed up in January, expect to get your pin club box around late February to as late as Early April.

♥ I'm signed up for receiving just 1 pin per month, but I really love another design of the month. Is there a way I can add it to my box?

Yes! We have an add-on option which will just be a one-time charge as opposed to the monthly charge. This is perfect for those months that we made it too hard to choose between the two designs! :p
♥ I'm signed up for two pins, but I want to switch down to only one pin per month. How can I do that?
You can quit within the month you’re signed up for and at the beginning of the following month, just sign up for a single pin subscription. If you try to sign up in the same month you were already charged you’ll be charged twice, so make sure to wait for the following month.


♥ When Will I Be Charged?

You are charged as soon as you join our pin club. After signing up, you will be charged every following month on the 1st. Our subscription app is based in South Asia, so it's likely you'll be charged on the last day of the month/1st depending on where you're located in the world.

♥ Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course! You are welcome to cancel at any time. You can join for just the month you want a specific reward and cancel right away if that's all you want. However, for members who choose to stay pin club members for longer periods of time consecutively, we offer special loyalty-based gifts that aren't available for sale.

♥ I forgot to cancel my subscription, can I get a refund?

Like any other subscription, it is up to you to cancel your subscription before the last day of the month. If you only want to sign up for one month please cancel immediately after you’re charged. If you forget to cancel before the next charge and decide you’d like to cancel after you were charged, you’ll be refunded in full minus the processing fees as we pay those fees even if we refund.


♥ How much is shipping? 

Shipping is included in the cost of membership! Score!

♥ Can I combine shipping with a shop order?

As long as you're a member who receives a physical package, you may place as many orders as you'd like and receive combined shipping with your next pin club package. Please be aware that this perk is not meant to be used for non-package tiers such as Lion-Puppy & Zakka tiers.

♥ My package was lost by the USPS / my local shipping company, or someone stole it! Please send me another!

Unfortunately, once we ship it out we cannot control what the delivery companies or a shady neighbor does. You should receive tracking once the package is shipped out, so please be sure to follow that. We don't know anymore about the status of your package once the USPS receives it than you do. We only have what is on the tracking page that we send you. Unless your package was insured, we cannot replace your package if it is deemed lost. If you'd like to insure your future packages, please contact us and we can set that up for you for a small additional charge.

If your package was confirmed as delivered, but you believe it was stolen, please be sure to report it to your local HOA or landlord/rental agency. If you live in an area where theft is common, we highly suggest getting a door camera or setting up a PO Box, and also notifying the police and neighbors.

♥ It has taken a long time for me to get a pin I signed up for, did you forget about it?

While we always hope we can fulfill the orders sooner, sometimes the manufacturers take a longer time if it’s detailed or if they messed up in creating it, it will make delays. But rest assured, we keep close tabs on each member’s pins, so worry not, we haven’t forgotten about your pins, even if you’re not currently a member. You’ll get your pins even if it takes longer than we had hoped. You’re always free to email us directly at to make sure what we have you down for if you’re worried.

Furthermore, there are times when the manufacturer may finish one design but not the other. We will always try to ship out the designs we have in hand rather than wait for the next design to be shipped to us. So that may mean sometimes you get only one design, but be assured that as soon as the second design of the month comes in we will send that your way as well!



♥ Ooh! Tell me about these loyalty-based gifts!

For each pin club, we have separate gifts that are offered at 3 mo / 6 mo / and 12 mo intervals. The gifts will change annually and will never be available for sale on the website, secret shop, or at events. They are truly limited and exclusive to the pin club. Each club has different gifts. If you join the Docchimo club, you are eligible to get gifts from both clubs.

To earn these gifts, you must stay in the club consecutive months. If you were in the club for 4 months, but decided to quit for a while, when you re-join you will start back at month 1. If you decided to re-join, any loyalty-based gifts will start from the 1st month working towards the 3 month gift after 3 consecutive months, 6 month gift at month 6, and so on. To receive the special 12 month gift (an LE Pin) you need to stay a patron for 12 consecutive months.

♥ What type of special gifts will I get for consecutive membership?

All gifts are exclusive to the loyalty program. If there are many extras (sometimes due to manufacturing minimums exceeding members in the club) after the current year is up, it is possible we will list them exclusively in the pin club shop later on in the following year, but generally you can only earn these through long term membership.

2021 Yokai Pin Club

  • 3-Month Gift: Large Holo Sticker
  • 6-Month Gift: Metal bookmark
  • 12-Month Gift: Yokai-themed Board Filler Set

2021 Pretty Winkers Pin Club

  • 3-Month Gift: Inner Senshi Sticker Pack
  • 6-Month Gift: Spoil Me Keychain
  • 12-Month Gift: Princess Serenity LE 150 Pin

2022 Mugen Pin Club

  • 3-Month Gift: sticker
  • 6-Month Gift: Washi Tape
  • 12-Month Gift: Metal Bookmark or Omamori

2022 Pretty Winkers Pin Club

  • 3-Month Gift: Outer Senshi Sticker Pack
  • 6-Month Gift: Washi Tape
  • 12-Month Gift: TBA LE Pin

♥ Can I bounce between club tiers and still qualify for the loyalty gifts?

Absolutely, as long as you're in any of the pin club tiers! If you downgrade to just the Lion Puppy or Zakka tiers, you won't lose your current status, but you won't build on your streak either. Feel free to bounce between different pin clubs depending on the designs you love most. The best part is it won't affect your loyalty status the way quitting would. You'll still be rewarded based on the amount of time you spend in each club.



♥ What is in the Secret Shop?

The Secret Shop has nearly all the products of our regular shop at permanently lower prices. No need to enter a discount code as prices will always be lower. We also plan on releasing some Pin-Club exclusive designs throughout the year. After all rewards are sent out to patrons, any extra Collector-grade pins we have on hand for Pretty Winkers will be available in the Secret Shop only. On top of permanently discounted prices, you can also combine with any sales that are going on.

The public shop will only have access to the extras after patrons have had first access. Furthermore, only Standards or B-Grade pins will be available and the price will be higher than the pin club cost and it does not include shipping.

♥ How do I access the Secret Shop and Exclusive Blog Posts?

The secret shop and blog use the same password. The password changes every month and will be emailed around the 2nd or 3rd each month after all monthly charges have successfully gone through our subscription app. Please be sure to add us to your trusted contact list to make sure you get all our updates and shop password each month.


♥ I still have questions!

Ok, no problem! Please feel free to email us with any questions at