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Tsubaki / Camellia Flower Pin
Tsubaki / Camellia Flower Pin

Tsubaki / Camellia Flower Pin

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Tsubaki, or camellia flowers, are a flower bloom in mid-to-late winter flower that symbolize humility and faithfulness. In feudal times, the red tsubaki represented a warrior's (such as a samurai's) honorable death. But in modern times, the red camellia stands for passion and can be given as a romantic gesture. The white camellia, also used ceremoniously, represents purity or chastity. There are also pink tsubaki as well as variants that have streaks of white and red.

Camellia are unique in that the camellia sinensis is responsible for all non-herbal teas, so this pin can also make a wonderful gift for your tea-loving friends!

About the Mugen Floral Collection

The second design of our 2022 Mugen Floral Collection


Size: 1.5"
Material: Gold-Plated Hard Enamel
Backing: 2 Rubber Clutch
Quality: Standard - B-Grade
Extra Features: Custom Backing Card


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