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Kappa Yokai Club Pin
Kappa Yokai Club Pin
Kappa Yokai Club Pin

Kappa Yokai Club Pin

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Kappa are one of the weirdest yōkai of the bunch—sometimes wicked, sometimes helpful, sometimes just plain silly! Be sure to keep some cucumbers handy as an offering when you’re by a river, just in case they pop out to attack! With this pin, featuring a dangling cucumber, you’ll be safe around kappa anytime!

About the Collection

This is the sixth Yokai Pin Club pin. Our Pin Club is themed around Japanese Traditional yokai and culture and features a monthly Enamel pin, sticker sheet, and hanafuda cards.


Size: 2”
Material: Gold-Plated Hard Enamel
Backing: 2 Rubber Clutches
Quality: Collector
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Extra Features: Shishido Creative Backstamp, 3 Screenprints, Glitter, Cutouts, Unique Backing Card


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