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Hanabi Fireworks Enamel Pin
Hanabi Fireworks Enamel Pin
Hanabi Fireworks Enamel Pin

Hanabi Fireworks Enamel Pin

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This gorgeous Hanabi (fireworks) pin is perfect for celebrating the new year, Independence Day, or just fans of the starry night sky illuminated by fireworks.  With 5 different screen printed colors adorning the glittering dark sky, the little dangling stars also add a touch of whimsy to this parasol pin design.

There are now 3 variants available to match the evening’s mood. Our newest variant, the yugure doki (setting sun flower) evokes the early evening sky’s blue light right before the sun has set, with a slightly lighter blue glitter sky and a light purple  parasol center.

The shoka no hana (early summer blossom) has a light blue parasol center and blue glitter sky with vibrant screen print, representing the early days of summer.

The yoru ni saku (midnight blossom) has a red parasol center, a deep purple and bold firework screen print signaling the end of the summer season.

About the Collection

This was the October theme pin for our 2020 Japanese Pin Club. Our Pin Club is themed around Japanese Traditional culture and includes extra goodies each month! 


Size: 2.25”
Material: Gold Hard Enamel
Backing: 2 Rubber Clutches
Quality: Collector • Standard • B-Grades
Learn more about pin grading here.
Extra Features: Shishido Creative Backstamp, Glitter, 5 screen print colors, 5 star dangles, Unique Backing Card


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