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Shishido Mascot Reuseable Double-Sided Eco-Bag

Shishido Mascot Reuseable Double-Sided Eco-Bag

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A super cute, poppy eco-bag featuring our original characters mascots, Shishi-maru and Shishi-ko. You may have seen this pattern on our packing tissue paper or posts, and now it’s available as an eco-bag design. Shishi-ko and Shishi-maru are shrine guardian lion-pups that enjoy playing more than working, but rest assured they’ll be guarding your belongings any time you use this bag. The pattern features them playing with butterflies, gacha balls, the shrine brooms they love to chew up and the torii gate they’re meant to post up at.

With our sweet mascots by your side, you’re always in good company with added protection for your belongings.


Material: Nylon
Size: 15.75” Front Width, 13.78” Tall, 5.5” side Width, 9” Tall handles