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Bakeneko Cat • Yokai Collection • Enamel Pin
Bakeneko Cat • Yokai Collection • Enamel Pin

Bakeneko Cat • Yokai Collection • Enamel Pin

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Sometimes wicked, sometimes just mischievous, the Bakeneko is a cat yokai spirit that has terrorized the Japanese for centuries! What sort of naughty things will they get up to? Push your cup off the edge of the counter? Eat your freshly caught fish? Push your oil lamps over and set your whole house on fire? Something more wicked? I mean the bakeneko in this pin design is holding a skull and who knows where they got it?! There's just no saying what these cute little rascals will do next!

The cat in our design is also a nod to Japanese deity, Fudo Myo with one eye slightly looking up and down. Fudo Myo is known for judging your soul, just like your own cat judges your questionable decisions. 🐱🤪


Size: 1.5”
Material: Gold Hard Enamel
Backing: 2 Rubber Clutches
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Extra Features: Shishido Creative Backstamp, Screenprint, Unique Backing Card


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