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Shishido Puppy Pin Set
Shishido Puppy Pin Set
Shishido Puppy Pin Set
Shishido Puppy Pin Set
Shishido Puppy Pin Set
Shishido Puppy Pin Set

Shishido Puppy Pin Set

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Shishi-chan & Shishi-ko are your typical brother and sister karajishi lion "pups"! They play, they fight, and they love pets from their person! They both are training to guard temples, jinja (Shinto Shrines), homes, and your precious pin collection.

Shishi-chan loves to play with a gachapon ball he found laying around. He also likes to annoy his sister, Shishi-ko. Shishi-ko is tries to be more behaved than her rambunctious brother who is always causing trouble around the temple.

About the Collection

Our original characters are based on karajishi (the lion dog statues you see at temple gates). When Mandy and Taka met, Mandy said Taka’s name reminded her of “Shishi Dog.” These pins as well as our brand incorporate the Japanese concept of a and un, balance between dark and light forces. Shishi-chan’s mouth is open to scare off the bad spirits, while Shishi-ko’s mouth is closed to keep the good spirits in.

Since childhood, Mandy has loved “Shishi dogs” after her father brought them back from Japan and they were set up at her grandparents home. She admired their fierce ugly/cool appearance, so much so that she had them tattooed on her feet as a protection.


Size: 1.5" wide
Material: Black Nickel Hard Enamel
Backing: 2 Rubber Clutches
Quality: Collector - Jacket-ready - B-Grades
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Extra Features: Shishido Creative Backstamp, Glitter (Optional), Custom Backing Cards


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