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Princess Lady Enamel Pin
Princess Lady Enamel Pin
Princess Lady Enamel Pin
Princess Lady Enamel Pin

Princess Lady Enamel Pin

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***Due to a manufacturing error, all the pins had a small color error in a small section of her dress being made skintone instead of white. This is why they're all being sold as B-grades, despite the fact that they are almost all Collector or Jacket-ready quality! ***

Ready for a glow up, our Baby Love is looking extra sweet and lady-like as the Princess Lady. With a pure heart capable of summoning a mythical Pegacorn, she will help you achieve your dreams. When you need someone with spot-on advice, turn to Princess Lady with her unique insight as a future girl chilling in our timeline.

With a glittering background suited to match the Moon Queen's, she also pairs perfectly with Baby Love, Silent Sweetie and Time Keeper. Her dream sphere also features recessed metal and glitter, as well as screen printed details and cutouts in her flowing pink hair.

Can't get enough of the Princess Lady? Check her out as a Print, Sticker, or Acrylic Charm, or go for the Best Girl Set!

About the Collection

After we created the Cutie Moon pin, we just knew we had to complete the collection of Winking Magical Girls. Each girl has her own unique charm and we hope to convey that appeal whether you want to collect them all or just your favorite girls (or boy)!


Size: 2.25"
Material: Gold-Plated Hard Enamel
Backing: 2 Pink Rubber Clutches
Quality: "B-Grade"
Learn more about pin grading here.
Extra Features: Screen Printed details, Glitter & 9 cutouts, Custom Backing Card


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