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Omamori: Dreams Come True PREORDER

Omamori: Dreams Come True PREORDER

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taigan jouju

we are creating an omamori, a protection or lucky charm typically bought a Shinto shrine. This design features a Japanese cloud pattern which symbolizes elevation, higher purpose, and the rising of your dreams. The kanji on back, taigan jouju, means “your big hopes and dreams will be achieved.” The graphic on front is a Buddhist symbol that represents purification.

About Omamori

Omamori are a traditional Japanese charm meant for protection. You can hang it on your bag, keys, rear view mirror, place it in a wallet or bag. If the omamori breaks, it means the protection kept you safe or your wish was granted and it is now time to replace that omamori so you may be protected again. When we lived in Japan, we also bought omamori often to bless our marriage process of bringing Taka to the US, and it seems it worked because now we are here, married and our business is thriving. 😊

Common omamori are to protect your health, protect your marriage, protect your pet or your children, to ensure good grades, good job, money luck, safety while driving, vitality, healthy pregnancy, and the list goes on.

Size: 4.5cm x 7cm
Features: Embroidered cloth

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