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Let’s Play Gacha!

Let’s Play Gacha!

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Welcome to the fun and addictive world of Gachapon! When Mandy first visited Japan, she easily dropped $100+ on gacha machines. Just like the ones in the West, Gachapon is a capsule toy machine filled with small trinkets. While you always know what you MIGHT be able to get, the fun part is trying your luck and seeing what it is.

Share in the excitement by trying your luck at our online Gacha plays! All gacha plays will be posted to our Instagram stories if you want to experience the thrill, even if you don’t wanna play! We will pull gacha in the order that plays are purchased. If you want to see your gacha being played, leave us a note at check-out with your IG handle so we can tag you!

The machine holds about 20 capsuless and will be restocked when all plays have been done. Each Gacha play you will receive one B-grade pin. To make it more fun like Kuji (prize lottery) events in Japan we also will include one spotlight Gacha. So each restock of the machine will have one capsule that contains a lucky token. If you get the capsule with that that one, you will receive one of our yet-to-be publicly released Moon Gaze pins! 😱 will you be the lucky winner?!

This is a list of all the B-Grade pins you have a chance to get in the Gacha:

  • Water Maiden Kokeshi
  • Fire Maiden Kokeshi
  • Lovely Maiden Kokeshi
  • Cutie Moon
  • Fire Miko
  • Bento Yankee
  • Time Keeper
  • Princess Lady
  • Living My Truth
  • Mokke Set (2 mini pins)
  • Hitodama Set (2 mini pins)
  • Black Magic Mouse
  • Sakura
  • Miren
  • Lucky Hammer
  • Sakura ni Chouchou
  • Moon Gaze Magenta Variant (only one per restock)