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Inoshishi • Lucky Pig • Year of the Boar Enamel Pin
Inoshishi • Lucky Pig • Year of the Boar Enamel Pin

Inoshishi • Lucky Pig • Year of the Boar Enamel Pin

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2019 is the year of the Boar / Pig

This little piggy went to the store to get some luck... And now they’re bringing that luck home to you!

Whether you need some luck this year, celebrate Lunar New Year as a tradition, or just plain love piggies, this Boar mama and baby are bringing you double the luck.

This design was part of a collaboration with 4 other pin makers, BatNBunny, Pyonko’s Petit Cafe, The Crowned Rabbit, and Lunar Magic Studios. Inspired by the little inoshishi (Japanese wild boar) figurines that the Japanese display at new year, this pin was designed facing the Northeast for luck in wealth this year, these two boars are sure to help you with your finances, whether that means a raise, paying off some debts, or increasing your savings!. Stacked like rounded mochi, which is traditionally eaten on New Year, this mama and baby boar features a small glittering mikan (mandarin orange) as is typical for New Year displays.

Finally, to boost your luck, the design was made with the Boar/Pig's lucky color: brown. It also features the lucky numbers of 2, 5, 8, represented in the spots on the orange (5), the stripes on the piglet (2), and the spots on the mama boar (8).


Limited Edition

Size: 1.5”
Material: Gold-Plated Hard Enamel
Backing: 2 Rubber Clutches
Extra Features: screenprinted cheeks, glitter
Delivery: We ship through USPS. It usually takes 2-5 business days to arrive domestically, or up to a couple weeks internationally.