Hands of the Sorcerer Pin Set
Hands of the Sorcerer Pin Set
Hands of the Sorcerer Pin Set

Hands of the Sorcerer Pin Set

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These dark hands are ready to do your bidding, casting whatever magic spells you need. As all things in life depend on a balance, so too do these hands sharing the knowledge of white magic and of dark magic.

Available only as a set, these designs are perfect for you or your local coven of witches and warlocks! They'll look amazing in your pin collection or on the collar of your favorite jacket or vest.

About This Collection
The next pins in our Dark & Occult themed series of pins, this set encourages you to embrace both the dark and light parts of yourself and harness a balance between the two.

Size: 2" x 0.66"
Material: Gold-Plated Hard Enamel + Silver-Plated Hard Enamel
Backing: 2 Rubber Clutches
Quality: Collector & Jacket Ready
Extra Features: Backing Stamp, Custom Backing Card
Estimated Delivery: This is a pre-order item that is already going into production. It usually takes 3-4 weeks from start to finish for pin production. As soon as it is in our hands, we quality check, package pins, and ship via USPS First Class Mail. It will take about 2-5 days to arrive domestically, depending where in the US you are located. International orders take a little longer to arrive.

What's the Risk of Pre-Order?
None whatsoever! We always put anything that's listed as a pre-order into production. Essentially, our pre-orders act as a Pre-Sale or Early Bird Discount with the guarantee that you will get your pin in top-notch Collector Grade quality. Once the pins are in hand, we charge a bit more, so this is the best time to get your pins! :)