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Sayagata Classic Japanese Pattern Mask
Sayagata Classic Japanese Pattern Mask

Sayagata Classic Japanese Pattern Mask

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Created during the Momoyama period, this is a traditional Japanese fabric pattern, often used in silk kimonos, interior design, decor, etc... Sayagata-kuzushi literally translates to "unbroken continuity." This interlinking pattern can be a symbol of the unbroken spirit even in difficult times and prosperity for your future! The sayagata pattern is Taka's personal favorite Japanese pattern. The softer blue color was chosen because it is a classic Japanese color that is considered jewel-like in tone, symbolizing your prosperity even further.

About The Mask
The mask is both fashionable and functional. It is soft and comfortable. If you backed the Artists Make Masks project, it is the same quality as those. Featuring adjustable ear loops, a metal nose clip to make sure its fitted snugly against your face, and pockets to place filters, these are some of the best masks you can find on the market. Each mask comes with two 2.5 PM filters. We also have extra PM filters available here.

Mask Care + Safety
It is a good idea to have at least a few masks, so you can wash your masks after each use. Filters should be replaced about once a week or when they become wet. If you'd like to order extra 2.5 PM filters, we offer them at an affordable cost here.

Features: Metal nose clip, adjustable ear loops, internal pockets for filters, two 2.5 PM filters.
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