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ACLU Charity: Omamori / Protection Against Discrimination PREORDER
ACLU Charity: Omamori / Protection Against Discrimination PREORDER

ACLU Charity: Omamori / Protection Against Discrimination PREORDER

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abolish discrimination

we are creating an omamori, a protection charm typically bought at Japanese shrines. They are often bought for one’s self or as a gift for a loved one. This is a perfect way to let someone know you care about their rights and want them to feel safe and protected.

With the intent of keeping these omamori in stock at all times, the earnings from each omamori sold will be donated to a rotating list of organizations that aid in protecting marginalized groups.

We are currently donating proceeds to ACLU Foundation of Washington, an organization that's been advocating since WWI for the civil rights of all people.

100% of profits of these products are being donated to charities/organizations that help fight discrimination. To see where the money is going and how much has been donated so far, please check out this page!

About Omamori

Omamori are a traditional Japanese charm meant for protection. You can hang it on your bag, keys, rear view mirror, place it in a wallet or bag. If the omamori breaks, it means the protection kept you safe and it is now time to replace that omamori so you may be protected again.

Common omamori are to protect your health, protect your marriage, protect your pet or your children, to ensure good grades, good job, money luck, safety while driving, vitality, healthy pregnancy, and the list goes on. However, there aren’t really any that protect you from discrimination. America isn’t the only country where people experience discrimination in the form of racism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, sizism, etc. 

Shishido Creative’s owners have experienced their own discrimination as foreigners in each other’s countries (Mandy while living in Japan, Taka while living in the US). General discrimination we have faced includes Mandy's voice being cancelled out for being mixed with tan skin but light face, people constantly asking her ethnicity, and of course the discrimination of being a woman. Taka has faced discrimination at the border, being detained for hours and then denied entry at the US/Canadian border because he looked suspicious for all his tattoos, and in Japan, a country that still criminalizes it. He's also been made fun of for his accent and generally talked down to because people don't think he understands English enough. Discrimination is rampant internationally. So we designed this omamori as a protection from discrimination in general.

Size: 4.5cm x 7cm
Features: Embroidered cloth

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