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Miren Yokai Original Character Enamel Pin
Miren Yokai Original Character Enamel Pin
Miren Yokai Original Character Enamel Pin

Miren Yokai Original Character Enamel Pin

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Miren (Japanese for “Lingering Regret”) is a kind obake onna (ghost lady). In life, she was a sweet, loving woman—so loving, in fact, that when she found out her partner was unfaithful she was distraught with heartbreak. This caused her to place a curse upon them. Miren’s guilt became unbearable upon seeing the aftermath of her curse.

Haunted by her past, she is unable to move on to the next world. In penance, she hangs around the temple that Shishi-Chan & Shishi-ko are training to guard, warning scorned women of the sorrows they may face should they choose to curse their unfaithful partners. Although forever regretting her grave error, she hopes to help others avoid her fate, and perhaps eventually move on.

About This Collection

Miren is an original character in our Shishi-Chan & Shishi-ko story. Shishi-Chan & Shishi-Ko are karajishi or shishi (Japanese Lion dog statues at the gate/entrance of temples & shrines). Keeping with the Japanese concept of a and un, the balance between dark and light, good and bad, Miren represents a good woman who did a bad thing, that in all of us is both good and bad.

Size: 1.75"
Material: Black Nickel Hard Enamel
Backing: 2 Rubber Clutches
Pin Grade: Collector - Jacket-Ready - B-Grades
Extra Features: Shishido Creative Backstamp, Glitter, Glow-in-the-Dark
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